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Snowy review

Snowy's Christmas

Snowy’s Christmas

Written by Sally Murphy

Illustrated by David Murphy

Random House Australia

RRP $19.95


For a child there is often nothing worse than standing out from the rest of the crowd, which is exactly Snowy’s problem. He’s different. Since nearly all children know the feeling of being left out at some stage in their lives and being teased by others, they will easily associate with Snowy, the joey. To make it worse poor Snowy bounces too high and doesn’t jump like the red joeys, which means he invariably comes last whenever the joeys have a leap-off. And don’t the other joeys let him know all about it!

            He sees his face reflected in the water. Instead of a face rugged and red his is soft and white. Poor Snowy! Even his mother cannot completely comfort him though she tries.

            But then Snowy meets a stranger. A stranger who makes him rethinks his attitude to his himself and show him what he can do. The stranger knows something Snowy is just perfect for. What can it be? Young readers will be keen to find out. Adult readers might have a bit of a clue. The text evokes more than a passing thought for two established Christmas songs - the idea behind Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer who didn’t fit in either till Santa chose him to lead the sleigh and the Aussie Christmas song of Six White Boomers.

            This is a cute Christmas picture book with a positive message. The illustrations are expressive and the use of colour stunning. I loved the double spread of Snowy at the billabong, not only for the colour but the sadness in Snowy’s eyes. I love the fact that Santa exchanges his usual cap for a slouch hat.

            It’s lovely to see an Aussie Christmas book that reflects the wildlife, colour and landscape of Australia instead of snow etc. I predict this book will sell really well and practically walk out of the shops in the lead up to Christmas.

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