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Ehvah After blog tour

About the Book:

Ehvah Rowe’s life is in freefall. Her teen queen status is long forgotten, and with a childhood of tragic loss, no family save a diabolical aunt, and no career prospects, her

L.A. celebrity world holds no future.
It will take a murder, an escape to the Australian tropics, and the friendship of an Aussie bodyguard, for her to discover healing, faith, and a way forward.

David Blake knows how to be a soldier. His army training equipped him to fight and protect. But when it comes to helping a fear-filled celebrity navigate the same post-traumatic stress symptoms he has suffered, David discovers the challenge in forsaking his own strength for God’s plan.

Rose Dee weaves a story of mystery, drama and romance, in her trademark tropical North Queensland Australian style.
About the Author:

Rose Dee was born in Ingham, North Queensland, Australia. Her childhood experiences growing up in a small beach community would later provide inspiration for her first novel. Rose, who holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree, decided to try her hand at writing two years ago. The result of that attempt is her first novel, Back to Resolution. Her novels are inspired by the love of her coastal home and desire to produce exciting and contemporary stories of faith for women. Rose's other releases include Beyond Resolution - the second book in the 'Resolution' series. And A New Resolution the final book in the series. Rose has also co-written a novel in conjunction with three other outstanding Australian Authors: The Greenfield Legacy. Rose resides in Mackay, North Queensland with her husband, young son, and mischievous pup, Noodle.

My review

Ehvah has followed in the footsteps of her musician parents, choosing music as a career. But at 22 she is no longer a teen star and has become disappointed with the world she inhabits and the Los Angeles party scene. When she witnesses the murder of James, her aunt’s husband, she fears for her life. She ends up fleeing to Australia where her aunt is making a movie.
The death of James and the secret about the hidden money that it appears Ehvah doesn't realise she knows about, presents an interesting aspect to the story. Ehvah’s aunt Mara is a whiney and nasty piece of work, but she is the only family Ehvah has. Their relationship is rocky at best and with good reason. While in Australia Ehvah meets the enigmatic David, an ex-soldier who becomes her bodyguard. But can he keep her safe or will danger and trouble find her? The setting of Northern Queensland and some of its peculiar inhabitants is well described.

Ehvah was a likable character though I think younger women will probably relate to her better than I did. However like Ehvah, I had my share of problems with Bernie the carpet snake, the huntsman spiders and leeches. David, has a strong faith which has been nurtured by those close to him as they helped him through his experiences of post-traumatic stress. It seems at first David and Ehvah have little in common. Or maybe there is more than they thought?

This is an enjoyable read that kept my attention and I liked the strong faith displayed by David. There is a strong emphasis on God and His power to change lives. This adds a richer element to a story that is both a mystery and a romance. Thanks to the author who provided me with a free copy of this book as part of a blog tour for ACRBA (Australian Christian Reader s Blog Alliance).
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