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Poems Times Two

This is the beautiful picture that accompanies my poem Illawarra Flame Trees
published in The Australia Times. To read the rest of the poem go to

You will find another of my poems titled At Narooma here
This picture didn't quite capture the colours of Narooma which were stunning blue, turquoise and green. But this one is still an interesting picture with the way the light is shining on the water.

Any magazine can only survive if it has people who are interested enough to read it, submit work and subscribe. Membership/Subscription to The Australia Times is at present free. But from 22nd of January 2016 a paywall will be introduced. However, "The Australia Times will remain free for life to all who subscribe before the 22nd of January. Please encourage your friends and relatives to subscribe now, before this offer ends. The paywall will go up in
readiness for the introduction of paid subscription."

Member Subscribers will not receive SPAM but will receive "a fortnightly
newsletter explaining what’s new in the magazines. Member Subscribers will receive a password and log-in to their email.
Should they have cookies on their computer they should be required to
log in once to read TAT. If they are not logged in, only the first nine
pages of each magazine will be accessible."

Member subscriber benefits include;
- "Free life-time access to all magazines
- Ability to ‘comment’ on articles and images, and read others’ comments
- Ability to enjoy Reader Mode on all magazines (the text stripped of
images to make for clearer reading on mobile devices).
- Emailed offers and discounts within our fortnightly newsletter."

So why don't you do as I am doing and subscribe to keep this Australian resource for poetry and short stories viable. Australia needs magazines and newspapers that showcase its writers.
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