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One for the very young and one for the young adult

This book puts a twist on the topic of getting children into bed at night. In this fun picture book it is the child trying to get Daddy into bed and Daddy making the excuses. No doubt nearly all parents have heard, at some stage or another, the excuses Daddy comes out with for not wanting to go to bed. Excuses like ‘But I’m not tired’ or ‘I’m still playing’ through to the bath and cleaning teeth exercises, before we get anywhere near the bedroom. Then come the excuses in the bedroom for not being ready to go to sleep.

Author and illustrator Dave Hackett says the story eventuated from one made up for his daughter when she was four or five and embellished over time. The cartoon like illustrations are colourful and suit the mood of the text. You feel the exasperation but mostly feel the love underpinning the rituals in this bedtime exchange. I think this is one that parents and children will find humorous. An enjoyable read.

Now one for YA readers. Will and Summer meet online and strike up a friendship. It starts initially because Summer is living in Will’s home town of Kettering in Tasmania. Summer has not told Will she is deaf, figuring it will not matter as they are not likely to ever meet. But then Will and his Dad move back to Kettering. How will and Summer be able to talk to each other and will he still like her when he knows the truth?

I liked both the characters of Summer and Will and also Summer’s mother and Will’s dad. Tim’s friend Cully is an idiot, or maybe just a typical teenage boy who doesn’t know how to handle someone who is a bit different or the fact that Will has a new friend. Cully causes more than his share of trouble in the novel, endangering Will and Summer.

This story has obviously involved a lot of research. Not only is there a great deal about sign language and being deaf but it is also filled with interesting titbits like the information about Truganini and her people and this shameful story in history.

Though the circumstances are different for Will and Summer, the story showed how two teenagers deal with loss of family members. The majority of the story was handled really well. There were just a couple of examples of the F word and other things that I thought the story could have easily done without and they would not have been missed. It’s a shame those couple of things spoilt was is otherwise a really good read that raises lots of issues about friendship, bullying, disabilities, jealousy and boy/girl relationships.
Tags: bedtime, deafness, friendship, parent and child relationships, rituals, sign language
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