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Recognise them? Met them just as the door opened into your calling? Found that not only were events conspiring against you but you were self-sabotaging? Lost your faith and felt betrayed when your dreams fell in on you?

A critical loss of knowledge about the existence and nature of threshold covenants has occurred in the last century. We now longer have any idea how perilous or complex spiritual doorways are. Many of us keep putting ourselves in harm's way and abandoning hope we'll ever step into our destinies.

God's Pageantry is about the obstacles we encounter, the covenants we face and the armour we need to pass over the threshold.

My Review

Being familiar with Anne’s other books I knew I was in for a treat and would end up having my thinking expanded. To start with I liked the way Anne emphasised that the question, ’who are you?’ is not reliant on our profession or our relationship with another. Neither is it about our spiritual gifts. I’ve always felt Thomas gets a hard time by a lot of people and so I loved the way the author brought out not just his doubts but his strong faith. I also liked the parallel drawn between the women at Mount Sinai in the Old Testament and the steadfast faithfulness of women at the foot of the cross. I agree with the lines. ’ Faith is an active verb. Like love.’ I loved the personal stories interspersed throughout and especially that of Toby and the author’s mother and the way she leaves the reader to draw their own conclusions about Toby.

Throughout Anne introduces us to some of her favourite authors with references from biblical as well as other sources and then proceeds to expand her treatise about threshold guardians and the covenant defender. It also helps if as I have, you have read this author’s earlier books, God’s Poetry and God’s Panoply, so you have a better understanding of the author’s thinking and way of investigating a topic. I laughed and could relate to the conversation between Anne and God in relation to the conference she was organising and the outcome.

There is a lot to ponder in this book. It is not a book to read quickly or lightly. It requires an open mind, thought and prayer to fully understand all that is being said. In the end I was left feeling a bit unsettled. That is not a bad thing. It means I will go back and re-read this book. I know when I do, I will come away with a better understanding of all that is being said and what I may need to do to effect change in my life. Thanks to the author I received an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review.
Tags: anne hamilton, bible, god's pageantry, guardians, threshholds
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