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8 - 12 June 2015

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(Ark House Press)

Jeanette Grant-Thomson

About the Book:

Miraim is desperate. Her mind is a fog of drug-induced forgetfulness. She has forgotten her past, her family, even who she is. But who is the disturbingly familiar girl in the shopping centre?

Enmeshed in Soleternity, a cult in the Queensland outback, Miriam is pregnant. She believes her future - and that of her baby - lies with the cult.

Bronwyn is determined to rescue Miriam. She has not bargained on falling in love with the journalist helping her.

Away from Soleternity, Miriam faces conflicts. Sol . . .Soleternity . . .and now Anna and Christianity. How can she know the truth? Who is to be trusted?

About the Author

Jeanette Grant-Thomson has been writing since she was a child, having short pieces published. Her first book was Jodie's Story (Anzea 1991 and two later editions), followed by two more biographies and two novels. She is a teacher and a writer, living in Redlands.

My Thoughts

The striking cover sets the scene for this interesting novel about a woman who is absorbed into Soleternity, a cult set up in the Queensland outback. Using drugs and hypnosis the cult leaders have managed to make Miriam forget her family and her past.

Greta, another who has gone into the cult, is now questioning much that occurs. Bronwyn, Miriam’s long time friend from her past life, seeks to rescue Miriam and expose the cult. Will she be able to without endangering Miriam? Or will Miriam, who is pregnant, refuse to leave or even become absorbed further into the cult? Miriam needs to find the truth but how can she know what is true and what is not? Who can she trust? This sets up interesting scenarios.

This novel is a bit outside my normal reading but I found it to be an enjoyable read, although at times I get a bit frustrated with Miriam and her willingness to believe all she is told and let people manipulate her. Still that shows that I was interested in her as a character. I also liked Bronwyn, Anna and Steve. Steve is the journalist Bronwyn meets, who seeks to help expose the cult for what it is. The characters are well drawn. I wasn’t convinced the epilogue was necessary, but maybe that’s just me.

Those who enjoy Christian fiction should enjoy this novel. It gives plenty of things to think about.
Tags: christian fiction, cults, jeanette grant-thomson, mirage, truth
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