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Crafty Ideas for Young Fingers

By Anna Branford
Illustrated by Sarah Davis
Walker Books
RRP $19.95

I’ve read a couple of the Violet Mackerel books and they are a delight. This book should strike the right balance for those who enjoy the Violet Mackerel stories and who also enjoy making craft. The ideas of crafts to make are cute and simple. A few of these include the felt bird and egg hair slide, a beautiful notebook or a shining sun ring plus an array of other small gifts to make and to give as gifts. Last but not least, Violet gives and assortment of colourful gift tags to make.

Instructions are clearly and colourfully laid out with step by step pictures for each craft. Many of these simple crafts could be accomplished by a child with parental help, while those a bit older will have no trouble making them on their own. The great thing about this book is each activity also includes a thinking outside the square section that gives alternate suggestions of materials or things to do. My guess is any crafty little girl of around 6-11 will love this book.

One of the things I love about my daughter in law is each year at Christmas she encourages each of the children to make a special gift for grandparents and other relatives. It’s lovely to have gift that has been lovingly handmade. It also teaches the children the value of the handmade gift and that gifts don’t have to be expensive shop bought items to be appreciated. This little book might give a frazzled parent some ideas of simple gifts children can make themselves to give to a friend.

The pairing of Anna Branford and Sarah Davis makes for delightful books. This time they added the addition of Cath Muscat to the team with her charming photographs. This is a craft book that will get a lot of use.
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